Subject / TendersStart DateEnd DateDownload
Qutation for networking of Internet03-02-202409-02-2024 pdf download
Quotation for 20Mbps Dedicated Internet Leased Line Connection02-02-202406-02-2024Pdf Download
Corrigendum of Intenet Tender no- 07/2023-2408-01-202427-01-2024Pdf Download
Tender no 07/ 2023-24 for Internet Leased Line & Installation, configuration, & commissioning of Wifi Network08-01-202419-01-2024Pdf Download
Tender No 06(2023-2024) for Internet Leased Line Bandwidth & Intercom Connectivity/ Facility of PJMC DUMKA22-08-202311-09-2023PDF Download
GYM & Sport METERIAL Tender No 05/2023-2024) PJMC DUMKA12-07-202328-07-2023PDF Download
OFFICE METARIAL/CHEMICAL/EQUIPMENT PJMC DUMKA (Tender-04/2023-2024) 12-07-202328-07-2023PDF Download
Cafeteria PJMC DUMKA ( Tender No 03/2023-2024)12-07-202328-07-2023PDF Download
Mess (Boys/ Girls) Tender 02(2023-24) PJMC DUMKA 03-06-202315-06-2023PDF Download
Tender No 01-(2023-24) For Stationary & Chemical of PJMC DUMKA 30-05-202314-06-2023PDF Download
दरवाजा और खिड़की में पर्दा लगाने हेतु कोटेशन ( LT No 485 ,Dated 18-05-2023 PJMC )19-05-202324-05-2023PDF Download
Tender No-10/2022-2023 PJMC DUMKA for CAL LAB (Computer and Other Materials)
28-01-2023 07-02-2023 Pdf Download
Printed Name Plate Sunboard (Size 9″x 24″) Quotation for All department’s room of PJMC DUMKA 06-02-2023 13-02-2023 Pdf Download
Quotation for Examination Sheet (18 Page Rull paper with Printed Cover) of PJMC DUMKA06-02-202313-02-2023Pdf Download
Quotation for Examination Relative Chemical and Materials of PJMC Dumka.02-02-202304-02-2023PDF Download
Tender No-10/2022-2023 PJMC DUMKA for CAL LAB (Computer and Other Materials)28-01-202307-02-2023Pdf Download
Tender No-09/2022-2023 PJMC DUMKA for Common Room (Gym Setup)20-01-202328-01-2023Pdf Download
Articulated Bone Set (Fibre) 18-01-2023 27-01-2023 Pdf Download
Library Book Tender No-08/2022 -23 PJMC DUMKA18-01-202327-01-2023Pdf Download
Quotation for Manniquines of Different body Parts ,PJMC Dumka 22-12-2022 29-12-2022 Pdf Download
Quotation for Charts of All medical Teaching departments ,PJMC Dumka 22-12-2022 28-12-2022 Pdf Download
Quotation for Models with Specific Diseases ,PJMC Dumka22-12-202228-12-2022Pdf Download
Cancel Order Mess Tender PJMC DUMKA Tender No-06(2022) 16-11-202216-11-2022Pdf Download
Tender (05/2022-23) For Four Wheeler Hiring Corrigendum)17-10-202217-11-2022Pdf Download
Mess Tender PJMC DUMKA Tender No-06(2022) 11-11-2022 21-11-2022Pdf Download
Library Book List Tender No-07/2022 11-11-202229-11-2022Pdf Download
Tender (05/2022-23) For Four Wheeler Hiring 17-10-2022 10-11-2022 PDF Download
Tender (04/2022-23) For Bus Hiring 17-10-202210-11-2022PDF Download
Tender (01/2022-23) For Stationary & Chemical of PJMC DUMKA21.09.202214.10.2022PDF Download
Tender (02/2022) For RT-PCR Lab PJMC DUMKA03.05.202209.05.2022PDF Download
Tender Notice for Bus Purchase 18.02.202212.03.2022PDF Downlond
Library Book List Tender No-07/2021-202218.11.202122.12.2021PDF Download
Cobas 6800 (Very Short Quotation Notice )28.09.202101.10.2021PDF DOwnload
Short Term Tender Notice for Boy/Girl’s Mess PJMC DUMKA (Tender -03/2021-2022) 15.09.2021 05.10.2021 PDF Download
Short Term Tender Notice for OFFICE METARIAL/CHEMICAL/EQUIPMENT/Sports Item (Tender-04/2021-2022) 15.09.2021 05.10.2021 PDF Download
COBAS 6800(Tender-01/2021-2022)09.07.202117.07.2021PDF Download
OFFICE METARIAL/CHEMICAL/EQUIPMENT(Tender-02/2021-2022)14.07.202104.08.2021PDF Download
COBAS 6800 (Tender-01/2021-2022) CORRIGENDUM & REVISED LIST OF ITEMS 09.07.2021 17.07.2021 PDF Download